Deductions from gross estate if family home exceeds 10 million; decedent unmarried

Illustrative example to properly present the manner of deducting family home, standard deduction, and other allowable deduction from the gross estate in accordance with the provisions of the NIRC.

Decedent is unmarried, family home more than P10,000,000:

Real and personal properties P 14,000,00
Family Home 30,000,000
Gross Estate P44,000,000

Less: Deductions

Ordinary Deductions
Unpaid real estate tax (2,000,000)

Special Deductions
Family Home (10,000,000)
Standard Deduction (5,000,000)
Total Deductions (17,000,000)


Although the family home is valued at P30 million, the maximum allowable deduction for the family home is P10million only. (Proper presentation of family home and standard deduction as deductions from the gross estate. Section 8, Revenue Regulation No. 12-2018. January 25, 2018)