Payment of tax antecedent to transfer of shares, bonds or rights, bank deposits withdrawal

There shall NOT be transferred to any new owner in the books of any corporation, sociedad anonima, partnership, business, or industry organized or established in the Philippines any share, obligation, bond or right by way of gift inter vivos or mortis causa, legacy or inheritance, UNLESS an eCAR is issued by the Commissioner or his duly authorized representative.

If a bank has knowledge of the death of a person, who maintained a bank deposit account alone, or jointly with another, it shall allow the withdrawal from the said deposit account, subject to a final withholding tax of six percent (6%) of the amount to be withdrawn, provided that the withdrawal shall only be made WITHIN ONE YEAR from the date of the decedent. The bank is required to file the prescribed quarterly return on the final tax withheld on or before the last day of the month following the close of the quarter during which the withholding was made. The bank shall issue the corresponding BIR Form No. 2306 certifying such withholding. In all cases, the final tax withheld shall not be refunded, or credited on the tax due on the net taxable estate of the decedent.

The executor, administrator, or any of the legal heirs, withdrawing from the deposit account shall provide the bank where such withdrawal shall be made, with the TIN of the estate of the decedent. For this purpose, the bank shall require prior to such withdrawal, the presentation of BIR Form No. 1904 of the estate, duly stamped received by the BIR,. Further, all withdrawal slips shall contain the following terms and conditions: (a) a sworn statement by any one of the joint depositors to the effect that all of the joint depositors are still living at the time of withdrawal; and, (b) a statement that the withdrawal is subject to the final withholding tax of 6%.

In instances where the bank deposit accounts have been duly included in the gross estate of the decedent and the estate tax due thereon paid, the executor, administrator, or any of the legal heirs shall present the eCAR issued for the said estate prior to withdrawing from the bank deposit account. Such withdrawal shall NO LONGER be subject to the withholding tax imposed under this section. (Section 10, Revenue Regulation No. 12-2018. January 25, 2018))