Free Mock Bar Question #2

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Violating a curfew ordinance, Patricia and Anjelina, both minors, decided to go to a nearby 8-Twelve convenience store. On their way to said store, a dog started barking at them and chasing them. It must be noted that another ordinance exists, requiting all pets dogs to be chained or kept away from public roads and streets. Here, the dog owner failed to comply with this pet ordinance.

The two girls were surprised when the dog started running toward them and, fearing that it may bite them, they crossed a street without taking precautions. Unfortunately, a car running at a speed more than required by law hit Anjelina. Both her legs had to be amputated but she survived. Patricia had a nervous breakdown but was physically unharmed. The dog was also safe.

[1] Discuss the liability of the persons involved and explain why and who should pay damages.
[2] Does the doctrine of proximate cause apply here? Why or why not?

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