Send us a 5-minute video, earn ₱300

Project Jurisprudence - Philippines (PJP) is looking for video actors and actresses who can make fun, educational and YouTube-able videos that we can upload on Facebook and on YouTube. As you already know, we aim to provide free study and review materials for law students and Bar candidates in the Philippines. This blog is one product of such aim but we have realized that videos are one of the other great ways to achieve our goal.

If you have the qualities and skills we are looking for, we hope to grow our YouTube channel and Facebook community with you!


[1] Send us via Messenger on our Facebook page ( a video that should not be more than 5 minutes in length;
[2] The video should be at least 720 pixels in quality;
[3] The audio quality should be "Youtube-able," which means that it is comfortable to the ears, not too loud and not too small;
[4] The video should contain NOT more than two (2) people and the video background should not be distracting. In other words, the emphasis should be on the faces of the people on the video;
[5] There should be MINIMAL or UNNOTICEABLE background noise;
[6] There should be NO background music. However, if you do get chosen, you will be required to use free background music provided by Facebook or YouTube's creator studios;
[7] You can use your phone's video camera or any video/audio tool or device to record and edit your submission; and
[8] The video should contain the following lines:
"Hello! Welcome to Project Jurisprudence! Today, let's recite the Preamble of the 1987 Constitution. [Recite the Preamble with all the fun and edit you think should be included.]"

[1] Your voice should be fun and easy to understand;
[2] The video should be educational in a fun, social-media-ish way;
[3] The video should be in English and Tagalog;
[4] The video should be at least 720 pixels in quality;
[5] The audio quality should be "Youtube-able," which means that it is comfortable to the ears, not too loud and not too small;
[6] Other screening requirements under A above should be complied with; and
[7] Most importantly, you as the actor/actress should possess the qualities that will make people want to watch you and learn from you.


[1] We will pay you three hundred pesos (₱300) for every 5-minute video submission;
[2] Your videos will be uploaded on Facebook and/or on YouTube under our name and ownership. In sum, it is a contract of sale. However, since we have chosen you, we will want to buy more videos from you;
[3] We will send you the topic of your next video from time to time. Also, we will require you to use free background music available on Facebook or YouTube's creator studios;
[4] Payments will be sent via Western Union or BPI, at your election, every 25th of the month. For example, if you were able to make ten (10) videos in a particular month, you will get 3,000 pesos on the 25th of the following month;
[5] All communication between you and PJP will be coursed through our Facebook page ( Your accumulated payments will, from time to time, also be reflected on our Facebook Messenger chat box for the reference and protection of both of the parties;
[6] The payment rate per video will definitely INCREASE as soon as we monetize and earn from Facebook and YouTube. For now, we start with ₱300; and
[7] Your video submission (re: Preamble of the 1987 Constitution) for which PJP chose you will be considered as your first paid video.

These guidelines will be updated from time to time.

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