Administrative agencies vs. limited court powers

According to De Leon (2010), Congress has entrusted the administration of some laws to administrative agencies when it might have entrusted it to the courts, for their administration is of such a nature that it could have taken the form of "cases and controversies" cognizable by the regular courts in the exercise of "the judicial power." This is not the case, however, with the issuance of rules and regulations of general applicability, the fixing of rates or prices, or the grantor's refusal of radio broadcasting licenses, all of which functions involve discretion with respect to future conduct and hence, will not be undertaken by the courts. Here, the judicial process is not an alternative to the administrative process.

SOURCE: De Leon and De Leon, Jr. (2010). Administrative Law: Text and Cases. 6th edition. ISBN 978-971-23-5670-4. Rex Books Store.