The 50-meter rule during strikes, lockouts and pickets

Section 10(a) of Department Order (DO) No. 40-G-03, Series of 2010 (Department of Labor and Employment or DOLE), provides that: "The Philippine National Police (PNP) or any peace-keeping team, during a strike, shall stay at least a 50-meter radius away from the picket, strike or lockout area. In case the 50-meter radius includes a public thoroughfare, traffic police shall ensure the free flow of traffic."

DO No. 40-G-03, s. 2010, also requires the following from the PNP or any peace-keeping team:

[1] Maximum tolerance;
[2] Courtesy and strict neutrality;
[3] No infliction of physical harm;
[4] Non-fraternization and non-involvement;
[5] Maintenance of the gun-free zone within the strike-bound area; and
[6] Respect for constitutional rights such as the right against unreasonable searches and seizures.

Below is a downloadable copy of DO No. 40-G-03, s. 2010.

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