Ombudsman's duty to refer cases to Supreme Court

In Caoibes, Jr. v. Ombudsman (G.R. No. 132177. July 19, 2001.), the Philippine Supreme Court held that "[t]he Ombudsman is duty bound to have all cases against judges and court personnel filed before it, referred to the Supreme Court for determination as to whether an administrative aspect is involved therein x x x regardless of whether an administrative case based on the act subject of the complaint before the Ombudsman is already pending with the Court."

Also read Maceda v. Vasquez (G.R. No. 102781. April 22, 1993), where the Supreme Court said:
In fine, where a criminal complaint against a Judge or other court employee arises from their administrative duties, the Ombudsman must defer action on said complaint and refer the same to this Court for determination whether said Judge or court employee had acted within the scope of their administrative duties. 

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