Zero rating and exemption; extent of relief

In terms of the value-added tax (VAT) computation, zero rating and exemption are the same, but the extent of relief that results from either one of them is not.

Applying the destination principle to the exportation of goods, automatic zero rating is primarily intended to be enjoyed by the seller who is directly and legally liable for the VAT, making such seller internationally competitive by allowing the refund or credit of input taxes that are attributable to export sales. Effective zero rating, on the contrary, is intended to benefit the purchaser who, not being directly and legally liable for the payment of the VAT, will ultimately bear the burden of the tax shifted by the suppliers.

In both instances of zero rating, there is total relief for the purchaser from the burden of the tax. But in an exemption there is only partial relief, because the purchaser is not allowed any tax refund of or credit for input taxes paid. (G.R. No. 153866. February 11, 2005)

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