Forum non conveniens rule

Under this rule, a court, in conflicts cases, may refuse impositions on its jurisdiction where it is not the most "convenient" or available forum and the parties are not precluded from seeking remedies elsewhere (Bank of America NT & SA v. Court of Appeals, supra note 45, at 196). The court may refuse to entertain a case for any of the following practical reasons: (1) the belief that the matter can be better tried and decided elsewhere, either because the main aspects of the case transpired in a foreign jurisdiction or the material witnesses have their residence there; (2) the belief that the non-resident plaintiff sought the forum, a practice known as forum shopping, merely to secure procedural advantages or to convey or harass the defendant; (3) the unwillingness to extend local judicial facilities to non-residents or aliens when the docket may already be overcrowded; (4) the inadequacy of the local judicial machinery for effectuating the right sought to be maintained; and (5) the difficulty of ascertaining foreign law (Puyat v. Zabarte, 405 Phil. 413, 432 [2001]).