Effect of age on contract validity

According to Albano (pg. 180), the age of majority is now 18 years. (R.A. No. 6809) As a rule, a minor may not give consent to a contract, but look at Article 1403 of the Civil Code which provides that one of the classes of unenforceable contracts is where both parties to the same are incompetent to give consent. The contract can, however, be cleansed of its defect if their parents or guardians would ratify the same. (Art. 1407, New Civil Code) Or, if one of the parties to a contract is incapable of giving consent, the contract is voidable. (Art. 1390, New Civil Code). But if the parents or guardian of said incompetent ratify the same, it is cleansed of its defect from the moment of the signing or perfection of the contract of the minor. (Art. 1396, New Civil Code)