Guess the secret phrase and win Php2,500

Once a month, we will choose one (1) winner of two thousand five hundred pesos (Php2,500.00) from our followers on Facebook.

IMPORTANT: This is a separate program from our monthly distribution of 50% of our YouTube earnings. Click the link for more information.

NOTE: This program is under testing and development. The first trial is December 2020. If results are not as expected by Project Jurisprudence, this will be discontinued. If results are good, it will continue and the prize may go up.

To be the monthly winner of Php2,500.00 this month, strictly follow the following rules:

1. Go to;

2. Look for our ten (10) featured posts located at the bottom of the page (bottom of homepage or article);

3. Guess the two-word secret phrase  (e.g. "corporation law" or "drug suspect"). The secret two-word phrase can be found on the titles of the featured posts or the first sentence of any of said featured posts;

4. Publicly share on Facebook the article from which you took the two-word secret phrase;

5. As caption of the shared post on Facebook, use the two-word secret phrase as a hashtag (e.g. "#corporationlaw or #drugsuspect) and tag Project Jurisprudence's Facebook page;

6. The above should be done any day between the twenty second (22nd) of the previous month and the twenty first (21st) of the current month (e.g. November 22 to December 21). You can share as many entries as you want based on any featured post or based on any two-word secret phrase between the above-mentioned period. Any post beyond such days shall not be counted as an entry;

7. On the twenty second (22nd) of the current month, we will choose one lucky winner from the entries with the correct shared article, correct two-word secret phrase used as a hashtag and the correct tagging of Project Jurisprudence; and

8. The Php2,500-peso prize will be sent to the winner via GCASH or BPI. No other means of money transfer will be used.

HOW WILL THE WINNER BE CHOSEN IF THERE ARE MULTIPLE CORRECT GUESSES OF THE SECRET WORD OR PHRASE? In case of multiple correct guesses of the secret two-word phrase (assuming strict compliance with the above rules), the winner shall be chosen based on the following guidelines in this order:

  1. More number of shares (no matter who shared);
  2. More number of reactions (no matter who reacted);
  3. More number of comments (no matter who commented); and
  4. More number of entries from the same person.
In case of tie despite the use of the above guidelines, the prize will be split among the winners.

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