Rape; when and how it is committed (Art. 266-A, RPC)

Article 266-A of the Revised Penal Code states:
Article 266-A - Rape, When and How Committed- Rape is committed—

1.) By a man who shall have carnal knowledge of a woman under any of the following circumstances:

a. Through force, threat, or intimidation;

b. When the offended party is deprived of reason or is otherwise unconscious;

c. By means of fraudulent machination of grave abuse of authority;

d. When the offended party is under twelve years of age or is demented, even though none of the circumstances above be present;

2) By any person who, under any of the circumstances mentioned in paragraph 1 hereof, shall commit an act of sexual assault by inserting his penis into another's mouth, or anal orifice of any instrument of object into the genital or anal orifice of another person. (RA 8353 which took effect on October 22, 1997).