Separate action against garnishee

Section 43, Rule 39 of the Revised Rules of Court states:

SECTION 43. Proceedings when indebtedness denied or another person claims the property. – If it appears that a person or corporation, alleged to have property of the judgment obligor or to be indebted to him, claims an interest in the property adverse to him or denies the debt, the court may authorize, by an order made to that effect, the judgment oblige to institute an action against such person or corporation for the recovery of such interest or debt, forbid a transfer or other disposition of such interest or debt within one hundred twenty (120) days from notice of the order, and may punish disobedience of such order as for contempt. Such order may be modified or vacated at any time by the court which issued it, or by the court in which the action is brought, upon such terms as may be just. (Underscoring supplied).

The institution of a separate action against a garnishee contemplates a situation where the garnishee (third person) “claims an interest in the property adverse to him (judgment debtor) or denies the debt.” (PNB Management and Development Corporation v. R&R Metal Casting and Fabricating, Inc., G.R. No. 132245, January 2, 2002, 373 SCRA 1, 10)