Powers, duties of executors & administrators

QUESTION: What are executors' and administrators' powers?

[1] Possess and manage estate of the deceased to pay debts and expenses of administration. (Rule 84, Sec. 2)
[2] (Executor or administrator of estate of a deceased partner) Have access to, examine and take copies of, books and papers relating to the partnership business, and examine and make invoices of the property belonging to such partnership (Ibid., Sec. 1).
[3] With the approval of the court, to compound or compromise with a debtor of the deceased. (Rule 87, Sec. 4)
QUESTION: What are their duties?

[1] Maintain the estate in tenantable repair, and.
[2] Deliver the same to the heirs or devisees when directed by the court. (Rule 84, Sec. 3)

Note the case of Silverio, Jr. vs. Court of Appeals, G.R. No. 178933, September 16, 2009: The administrator may only deliver properties of the estate to the heirs after payment of the debts, funeral charges and other expenses against the estate, except when authorized by the court.