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What's Reply?

What's Cross-Claim?

Immovable Property: Star Two vs. Paper City Corporation

What's Permissive Counterclaim?

1998 Bar: Rule on the motion to dismiss the counterclaim on the ground of lack jurisdiction over the subject matter. (2%)

What's a Compulsory Counterclaim?

Allegations in a Pleading

A wrote B a love letter. Who owns the letter?

1999 Bar: Distinguish a counterclaim from a cross-claim. (2%)

What's a Counterclaim?

Affirmative Defenses

Negative Defenses

Negative Pregnant

What's an Answer?

What's a Complaint?

What are Pleadings?

Stipulation on Venue & Effect

Venue Rules Do Not Apply, When?

2008 Bar: What is the proper venue for the action? (3%)

2000 Bar: Is the death of PJ a valid ground to dismiss the money claim of Atty. ST in Civil Case No. 456? Explain. (2%)

1999 Bar: What is the effect of the death of a party upon a pending action? (2%)

Doctrine of incomplete privilege

Venue of Actions against Non-Residents

Venue of Personal Actions

Venue of Real Actions

2008 Bar: Is the contention tenable? Explain fully. (4%)