Credibility NOT impaired by relationship to victim

It is not to be lightly supposed that relatives of the deceased would callously violate their conscience to avenge the death of a dear one by blaming it on person whom they believe to be innocent thereof. Relationship per se does not give rise to a presumption of ulterior motive, nor does it ipso facto impair the credibility or tarnish the testimony of a witness. It has been correctly observed that the natural interest of witnesses who are relatives of the victims in securing the conviction of the guilty would deter them from implicating persons other than the culprits, for, otherwise, the latter would gain immunity. In the absence of ill-motive on the part of the witness, and none was shown, relationship between her and the victim does not undermine her credibility and so [her] testimony is entitled to full faith and credence. [G.R. No. 118770. December 6, 1996]