Doctrine of independently relevant statements

Insofar as the statements of Rufina Alconyes are concerned, they are admissible as part of the res gestae, they having been caused by and did result from the startling, if not gruesome, occurrence that she witnessed; and these were shortly thereafter uttered by her with spontaneity, without prior opportunity to contrive the same. The report made thereof by Joshephine Aguilar is not hearsay since she was actually there and personally heard the statement of Alconyes which she recounted in court. Her account of said statements of Alconyes is admissible under the doctrine of independently relevant statements, with respect to the tenor and not the truth thereof, since independent of the truth or falsity of the same they are relevant to the issue on the cause of the death of the victim. [G.R. No. 119359. December 10, 1996]