Identification of accused as one of 3 intruders stands completely unscathed

Very telling is the fact that appellant does not even discuss Emelita's testimony establishing his presence at the crime scene, notwithstanding that it was Emelita whom he confronted and threatened and who pulled off his mask inside the well-lighted bedroon. Appellant was no stranger to the Jacob family; in fact, they were familiar with his build and his voice, since he frequented their home when peddling fruit juices and homemade chocolates in Pawa. Considering these circumstances, in the absence of proof that she had any bias or ill-motive against appellant, Emelita's sole identification of appellant as one of the three intruders in the Jacob residence stands completely unscathed. Consequently, such identification suffices to obtain conviction even in the absence of corroboration. [G.R. No. 88043. December 9, 1996]