Judge exerts extra effort, helps other courts decide cases, fails to decide own cases

It is true that as respondent Judge Alejo quite frankly admits, that fact that he "misplaced notes ** (he had) taken of the proceedings and ** (he) encountered difficulty in having the transcripts of stenographic notes later on transcribed," and the so called and the so-called "extra effort that ** (he exerted in deciding old and new cases in other courts," would not excuse or justify his failure to decide his own cases in his own court, yet the Court cannot, all things considered, see its way to imposing on him a penalty heavier than severe reprimand. While the Court cannot and should not tolerate sloth or negligence in a Judge in the disposition of his cases, the particular circumstances of this case preclude the extension of a stern punishing hand on the erring respondent. [A.M. No. 95-4-41-MeTC. December 10, 1996]