Positive identification erodes alibi as a defense

We agree with the trial court that the positive identification by the prosecution's sole eyewitness Lydia Zilmar of the seven accused-appellants coupled with all the prosecution evidence presented in this case sufficiently establish beyond reasonable doubt the guilt of the latter for the offense charged. The defense of alibi proferred by accused-appellants Alfredo Isanan, Sr., Julio Zilmar, and Artemio Obzunar must fail because "well-settled is the rule that greater weight is given to the positive identification of the accused by the prosecution witnesses than the accused's denial and explanation concerning the commission of the crime. Similarly, it is firmly entrenched in our jurisprudence that the defense of alibi cannot prevail over the positive testimony of prosecution witnesses and their clear identification of the accused as the perpetrator of the crime. [G.R. No. 92153. December 16, 1996]