Total recall, perfect symmetry NOT required as long as witnesses concur on material points

As regards the variance in the testimonies of Emelita and her mother Amada concerning the type of weapon used by appellant in threatening the former, such alleged inconsistency in insignificant as it refers only to a minor detail. Rather than eroding the credibility of their testimonies, such difference in fact constitutes a sign of veracity. It is a well-recognized fact that witnesses testifying about the same nerve-wracking event can hardly be expected to be correct in every detail nor consistent with other witnesses in every aspect, considering the inevitability of differences in their perception, recollection, viewpoint or impressions, as well as in their physical, mental, emotional and psychological states at the time of reception and recall of such impressions. After all, to begin with, no two individuals are alike in term of powers of observation and of recall. Total recall or perfect symmetry is not required as long as witnesses concur on material points. [G.R. No. 88043. December 9, 1996]