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No kidnapping where earnest desire exists to help child, a high regard for her welfare

Azucena's unpopular view re: WOMEN'S benefits

What is epistolary jurisdiction?

Is NO-license driver AUTOMATICALLY criminally liable for car accident? Answer: No.

Deliberate, persistent refusal to return a minor (Article 270)

My notes in Labor Standards (Preliminary Title, Book 1 & Book 2)

Jurisdiction of administrative agencies conferred by law

Manner of reasonable compensation to landowners

X tells Y, "You're next!" Y later dies. Can X be held liable for Y's death? Explain.

Pres. Duterte signs law extending passport validity to 10 years

Original, exclusive jurisdiction over petitions to determine just compensation to landowners

When can defendant's ANSWER determine jurisdiction?

No criminal liability for hazing because of pre-existing heart condition?

RTC as special agrarian court even in criminal cases

12% interest on judgment credit from date of finality

12% interest (Cir. 416) on forbearance of money

SSS Res. 56 on monetary benefits or honoraria

SSS cannot, in the guise of rule-making, legislate or amend laws

SSS-unqualified employees entitled to either life annuity under RA 660 or RA 660

When financial assistance partakes of the nature of a retirement benefit

No insurance, retirement plan other than GSIS for gov't employees

Novation literally means 'to make something new"

Interest on forbearance of money

Best 3 answers to "Why's there always an exception to a rule?"

Justice outside legality: EQUITY

Law protects NOT those who sleep on their rights

Novation by substitution of debtor MUST be made with creditor's consent

Judicial review of quasi-judicial agencies

Retirement benefits vs. retirement pension

When worker merely an agent, NOT an employee

Without board authority, corporation CANNOT be bound by any person

Corporation's board to send SEC w/in 30 days names of directors, trustees, officers elected

Corporation's power to sue, be sued lodged with board of directors

Retirement laws liberally interpreted for retirees; NOT applicable where verba legis

Between law, administrative order, LAW prevails

Payment made to third person does NOT result in novation

Separate express agreement REQUIRED to substitute creditor in novation

SK elective officials NOT considered local elective officials under LGC

What is a regular local election?

Novation by conventional subrogation; requisites

Not the letter that killeth, but the spirit that vivifieth

SK election NOT regular election under LGC

Elements of FRAUD sufficient to annul contract

Parties notarize deed over land in place other than its location; doubt as to due execution

No meeting of minds in signing contract of sale of land with unstated dimensions

Right to formally offer evidence WAIVABLE by inexcusable laxity

SOLE's findings generally respected on appeal

Employee may receive retirement benefits both from law, agreements