Defense of alibi weakest of all defenses

Neither are we persuaded by the claim that Gilda was not able to positively identify the accused. He was familiar to Gilda one or two weeks before the incident because she saw him driving a tricycle and had, in fact, been once a passenger of his. She saw him clearly at the guardhouse before the incident because the guardhouse was well-lit; she was his passenger that evening until he stopped his tricycle near the unfinished house; and she had ample opportunity to see and recognize him during the assault. Then, Gilda did not hesitate to point to and identify the accused as her rapist when the latter was brought by the policemen to the house of Tony Antonio. The accused's defense of alibi, which is the weakest of all defenses for it is easy to concoct and fabricate, cannot prevail over his positive identification by Gilda. [G.R. No. 117217. December 2, 1996]