Judge has duty to devise efficient court system; heavy caseload NOT a defense

Respondent cannot escape liability by reasonning that his failure to decide the election case promptly was due to the heavy caseloads in the courts he presided over. A judge ought to know the cases submitted to him for decision or resolution and is expected to keep his own record of cases so that he may act on them promptly. It is incumbent upon him to devise an efficient recording and filing system in his court so that no disorderliness can affect the flow of cases and their speedy disposition. Proper and efficient court management is as much his responsibility. He is the one directly responsible for the proper discharge of his official functions (Agcaoili vs. Ramos, 229 SCRA 705 [1994] citing Nidera vs. Lazaro, Adm. Matter No. R-465 MTJ, June 29, 1989). [A.M. No. MTJ-95-1033. December 6, 1996]