New town's boundary determined by technical description, NOT enumeration of comprising barrios

Jimenez argues that the RTC erred in ordering a relocation survey of the boundary of Sinacaban because the barangays which Sinacaban are claiming are not enumerated in E.O No. 258 and that in any event in 1950 the parties entered into an agreement whereby the barangays in question were considered part of the territory of Jimenez. E. O. No. 258 does not say that Sinacaban comprises only the barrios (now called barangays) therein mentioned. What it says is that "Sincaban contains" those barrios, withous saying they are the only ones comprising it. The reason for this is that the technical description, containing the metes and bounds of its territory, is controlling. The trial court correctly ordered a relocation survey as the only means of determining the boundaries of the municipality and consequently the question to which municipality the barangays in question belong. [G.R. No. 105746. December 2, 1996]