No better test of witness character than opinion of neighbors

Undoubtedly, there is no better test of the character of a witness than the opinion of his neighbors. Every man has a character where he is best known - where his daily walk and conversation are observed and spoken of. Local prejudices or excitements may sometimes do injustice to an individual. But this is generally temporary. So that upon the whole there is no criterion so safe, in determining as the truth of a witness, as the opinion of his neighbors. Moreover, there being no controverting testimony with respect to the aforementioned evidence for the appellants, the same stands as unrebutted. Jurisprudence states that failure on the part of the prosecution to present evidence to refute the testimony of the appellant and his witnesses, being able to do so because it had the same at its disposal, necessarily constitutes an argument against said prosecution. [G.R. No. 119722. December 2, 1996]