Psychological, related tests NOT indispensable to establish mental retardation of rape victim

It is argued by appellant that since the victim was not subjected to a series of psychological and other related tests, and the doctor who conducted a preliminary examination on the victim failed to make an official report but merely issued an initial certification about her condition, there is nothing to support the findings of the trial court that the victim is a mental retardate. We disagree. Prosecution witness Dr. Chona Belmonte, who was admitted by appellant to be an expert witness, testified that the initial examination she conducted on the victim constituted sufficient basis to conclude that the latter is a mental retardate with a mental capacity of a child between eight and nine years of age. She explained that during the examination, she observed that the victim's performance was really compatible with that of a person with mild mental retardation. This, together with the other circumstances obtaining in this case, is considerably adequate to prove the mental condition of complainant. [G.R. No. 118823. November 19, 1996]