Status quo = last actual, peaceable, uncontested status preceding actual controversy

The status quo usually preserved by a preliminary injunction is the last actual, peaceable, and uncontested status which preceded the actual controversy. The subsequent appointment of Dr. Ligad and later of Dr. Mendoza as Chief of Hospital cannot be deemed part of the last actual, peaceable, uncontested status which preceded the controversy, because such was neither peaceable nor uncontested. While it may be true that at the time petitioner filed his petition for mandamus with prayer for a writ of preliminary mandatory injunction on 8 March 1988, he was not actually holding the position of Chief of Hospital, this was not due to his own voluntary act or to any valid ground, but rather to his forcible and illegal dismissal by respondent Mayor. Before his dismissal on 8 February 1988, he had been actually occupying the contested position, having been reinstated to the said office by OIC Macapagal on 19 March 1986. [G.R. No. 107841. November 14, 1996]