Supposed dispute over property NOT sufficient to fabricate rape charge

It is inconceivable that a mother would draw her daughter, a mental retardate at that, into a rape scam with all its attendant scandal and humiliation just because of supposed dispute over property. No mother in her right mind could possibly wish to stamp her daughter falsely with the stigma that follows a heinous crime that is rape. And considering that in this case the victim is suffering from a mental abnormality, we cannot fathom how Rosalina's mother could be so heartless as to expose her daughter to public ridicule just to get even with the family of appellant. That would be senseless truculence at its peak. More importantly, it bears emphasis that the alleged contention between the two families arose way back in 1981, hence, it is quite incomprehensible how any alleged intention to avenge an old grudge would materialize only in 1992, or after more than ten years. [G.R. No. 118823. November 19, 1996]