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HORNBOOK ON INTERNATIONAL AND PHILIPPINE HUMAN RIGHTS LAWS by Atty. Pepita Jane A. Petralba All-inclusive: includes full text of the pertinent laws on human rights and the international; All-inclusive: includes full text of the pertinent laws on human rights and the international treaties or agreements entered into by the Philippines accompanied by a comprehensible discussion on said laws or agreements Presented reference and jurisprudence: Significant human rights cases, both international and local, were used as examples to demonstrate the application of the human rights laws, treaties or agreements that may tend to elicit interest from the readers Clear, Concise, Comprehensible: The style used by the author is well suited not only to those with expertise in the law but also to laymen who, even without specialized knowledge in the field of human rights laws, will be able to understand and appreciate the material points intended to be conveyed by the author Table of Contents • Human Rights, its Attributes, Origin and the Three "Generations" • State Responsibility • Sources of International Human Rights Law • The International Bill of Rights • Application, Enforcement, and Limitations • Monitoring Systems • The United Nations • Millennium Development Goals • Philippine Laws Promoting the Rights of the Child • The Protection of the Rights of Women • The Rights of Migrant Workers