Download Persons and Family Relations Textbooks

LAW ON PERSONS AND FAMILY RELATIONS by Elmer T. Rabuya; It has been almost ten years since the release of the first edition of this book. Back then, I was not expecting that it would be received with much enthusiasm by its targeted audience — law students. But to my surprise, the book was well received and served as reference material in a number of classrooms. For that, I am humbled and I am taking this opportunity to extend my deep appreciation and sincerest gratitude to all those who find wisdom in this humble undertaking.
CIVIL CODE ANNOTATED VOLUME III by Miriam Defensor Santiago; In this edition, the appendices include the latest Supreme Court issuances up to 2013. I have included the latest laws promulgated by Congress after the second edition in 2002. the new laws incude: R.A. No. 10165 or the Foster Care Act of 2012; R.A. 9262 or the Anit-Violence Againts Women and their Children Act of 2004; and R.A. No. 9048 ( as amended by R.A No. 10172) or the law that gives civil registrar the authority to correct clerical errors and change of first name, the day and month in the date of birth, or sex of a person without need of judicial order.

CIVIL CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES ANNOTATED VOL. I [PERSONS AND FAMILY REALATIONS] by Justice Edgardo Paras; This edition is completely revised - with every single article annotated plus the addition of noteworthy features such as the latest Supreme Court decisions and circulars and recent legislations related ro persons and family relations. This volume(I), as well as the other volumes (II-V), was bestowed the prestigious "Book Centenary Award" by no less than the Supreme Court, as a scholarly reference. Table of Contents Introductory Chapter Preliminary Title Book I - Persons Title I - Civil Personality Title II - Citizenship and Domicile The Family Code of the Philippines Title I - Marriage Title II - Legal Separation Title III - Rights and Obligations Between Husband and Wife Title IV - Property Relations Between Husband and Wife Title V - The Family Title VI - Title VII - Adoption Title VIII - Support Title IX - Parental Authority Title X - Emancipation and age of majority Title XI - Summary Judicial Proceedings in the Family Law Title XII - Care and education of children Title XIII - Use of surnames Titke XIV - Absence Title XV - Civil Register