Downloadable Environmental Law Books (PDF, e-books & EPUB)

Title: Environmental Law: Pollution Control
Author: Atty. Galahad Pe Benito
Publisher: Central Book Supply, Inc
ISBN: 978-971-691-892-2
No. Of Pages: 551
Size: 6"x9"
Edition: 2009
Binding: Softbound
Description: “Environmental Law: Pollution Control” is all about combating pollution in the Philippine setting. It explains in simple yet detailed manner the three laws that Congress enacted to make the water, the air, and the soil clean once more. Written with the objective of simplifying the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Solid Waste Act, the book discusses not only the law, but the science and the policy behind the law as well. To understand the law, one has to know the policy considerations why the law was enacted. More importantly, the student must understand the scientific basis of each provision of the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Solid Waste Act. Only through a well-rounded discussion of these three elements can a student better appreciate the law and what this means to her and her environment. Highly recommended for college and law students, this book is also a great reference material for lawyers, teachers, and government officials due to its simple approach in discussing the pollution laws of the Philippines.
Title: Philippine Environmental Laws (An Overview and Assessment)
Author: Rodrigo V. Cosico
Publisher: Central Book Supply Inc.
ISBN: 978-971-011-509-9
No. Of Pages: 486
Size: 7 x 10
Edition: 2012 Edition
Description: This book focuses on the basic or fundamental aspects of Environmental Laws. It presents a brief overview of Environmental Laws and provides a close scrutiny or assessment thereof.  Specifically, this book discusses the major aspects of Environmental laws such as right to environment, environmental problems and environmental justice. It is the objective of this book to know the nature and extent of the judiciary’s role in the protection of our environment and the promotion of environmental justice as well as landmark of the Supreme Court involving the environment. This book seeks to address through Environmental laws a great number of environmental problems ranging from forest degradation, loss of biodiversity, water pollution, air pollution and solid waste pollution, among other problems. This book cites significant international commitments of the Philippines relating to the environment and the environmental laws passes by Congress.