FB law student group invites Mocha Uson; "She has the genes of a lawyer"

A group of law students on Facebook, the Law Students Help Group Philippines, invites Mocha Uson to join. This follows her announcement of joining law school in January 2018.
Tsidkenu Dizon posted, "Mocha will enroll in Arellano this coming January. Her father was a [regional trial court (RTC)] judge and her mom is a doctor. She was a second year medical student when she decided to follow her desire to become a singer, dancer, and actress. She is also a business woman. Remember, as a showb[usiness] personality, she was packaged like a product[,] highlighting her body and sexy dance skills for the general public. It means that everything we know and read (Bobo memes) are not true. What is true is that she has the genes to become a lawyer. RTC judge [a]ng tatay niya. Tatay ko [ay h]indi lawyer - but I became one. Siya p[a kaya]?! Remember the movie LEGALLY BLONDE [where t]he [boyfriend (BF)] dumped a sexy-no-brainy [girlfriend (GF)] and went to Harvard. [GF], crushed and wanted to reconcile successfully get into the same school on the purpose of only seeing the love of her life. At the corridor, he saw [BF]. [BF said,] "[Y]ou got into Harvard law[?!]" [GF]: Why? Like it's hard? Welcome Ms. Legally Mocha and I hope you become a member our study group - LAW STUDENT HELP GROUP PHILIPPINES"