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THE LABOR CODE WITH COMMENTS AND CASES VOLUME I (REVISED EDITION) by Atty. Cesario A. Azucena, Jr. (; In its twenty-five years this textbook receives most extensive changes in this edition to enrich and update the contents and to improve the expositions. The first group of changes consists of additions of new laws and new issuances from the Department of Labor and Employment in the form mostly of new or revised implementing rules. The new laws include R.A. No. 10706 that prohibits “ambulance chasing” against OFWs, or their heirs: R.A. No. 10801 governing OWWA; and R.A. No. 10911, the Anti-age Discrimination law. Numerous Supreme Court decisions that significantly illuminate or modify earlier rulings are also explained.

The second group of changes is addition of new topics to enhance the logical and comprehensive coverage of the subject. Examples of these are the triple character of employment relationship, employment-at-will as contracted to tenurial security, the lex locus contractus principle, and the McBurnie guidelines. Codal provisions and court. The third and last groups of changes pertain to simplifying or synthesizing of the expositions. But, always, correctness of message prevails over the merits of prose.
LABOR LAWS AND SOCIAL LEGISLATIONS: A BARRISTER’S COMPANION by Cecilio D. Duka (; This book is divided into three parts--Part I deals with Labor Standards Laws, Part II discusses Labor Relations Laws, and Part III enumerates and explains Social Legislations. Recent amendments to the Labor Code such as Republic Act No. 10151 and Republic Act No. 10361, as well as the newest decisions of the Supreme Court are included. This edition also included the renumbered provisions of the Labor Code as provided by Republic Act No. 10151 and implemented by Department Advisory No. 01 S. 2015

Table of Contents PART I - LABOR STANDARDS LAW The Labor Code at a Glance Book I - Pre-employment Book II - Human Resources Development Program Book III - Conditions of Employment Book IV - Health, Safety and Social Welfare Benefits PART II - LABOR RELATIONS LAW Book V - Labor Relations Book VI - Post-Employment Book VII - Transitory and Final Provisions PART III - SOCIAL LEGISLATIONS The 13th Month Pay Law The Social Security Act of 1997 The National Health Insurance Program (NHIP) or Philhealth Employees' Compensation Program The Solo Parent Welfare Act of 2000 GSIS Law

COMPENDIUM ON LABOR LAW by Antonio H. Abad, Jr (; The 2015 Edition of the Labor Law Compendium has been updated to include new trends and developments in labor law jurisprudence until November 2014, as well as new laws and Department Orders. These include: Republic Act No. 10361 (Batas Kasambahay of 2013); Republic Act No. 10151 (2011), allowing the employment of women in the nightshift; DOLE Department Order No. 119-12 (24 January 2012) Implementing Rules of RA 10151, in reference to the transportation and sleeping quarters requirement of nightshift workers; DOLE Department Order No. 112-A (22 May 2012) amending the guidelines on the Implementation of the special gynecological leave benefit for women employees in the private sector; DOLE Department Order No. 18-A, series of 2011 (14 November 2011), which imposed new requirements for independent contractors, as well as additional activities which cannot be validly sub-contracted out; and DOLE Department Order No. 1, series of 2012 (January 2012) which exempted the construction industry and the business process outsourcing industry from the coverage of DOLE Department Order No. 18-A.

With bar reviewers and labor law practitioners in mind, additional graphs used for labor law bar review subjects of the authors have been incorporated for a clearer grasp of the procedures. We wish to acknowledge with gratitude the scholarly contribution and tremendous sacrifices made by our associates and paralegals in the law office relative to the researches of new 2013 and 2014 jurisprudence: Atty. Isagani Coruna and Atty. Annaliza Mercene-Pulmones, Annafelle Abello, Alden Peña, Edmee Santos and Allan Chua; as well as for new laws and Department Orders, by Atty. Maria Lorena E. Palmares. As ever, we are grateful for the tireless efforts of Ms. Theresa Casteneda-Cunanan, Kitchie Castaneda-Sinongco and Myra Perez-Soteco for typing and printing the several drafts in the editing of this book.
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