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TRUST, PARTNERSHIP AND AGENCY by Bernardo M. Luceres (; This book is written according to the expectations of every law student that it is easy to understand. The book cited jurisprudence so that the students can get an idea as to how the law is applied on a particular case.
TORTS AND DAMAGES by Timoteo Aquino (; This fourth edition updates this book to include new materials on the subject. The basic structure is retained although additional topics are incorporated. The Juvenile Protection Act of 2008 as amended by R.A. No. 10630, the Anti-Voyeurism Law of 2009, Magna Carta for Women, Revised Fire Code of the Philippines of 2008, Philippine Competition Law, Philippine Lemon Law, Anti-Drunk and Drug Driving Act of 2014 and other new laws are taken into consideration in this revised edition. This work reflects the writer’s evolving views on different issues on torts and damages and his continuing re-examination, rethinking and further research not only on what was written in the previous editions but also on the rulings of the Supreme Court and applicable laws. In some instances, additional explanations were added to clarify the prevailing rules and doctrines. Table of Contents Chapter 1 General Consideration Chapter 2 Negligence Chapter 3 Affirmative Duties Chapter 4 Malpractice Chapter 5 Negligence of Selected Business Organizations Chapter 6 Defenses in Negligence Cases Chapter 7 Causation Chapter 8 Human Relations: Intentional Torts Chapter 9 Human Dignity Chapter 10 Independent Civil Action Chapter 11 Civil Liability Arising Chapter 12 The Defendants Chapter 13 Strict Liability Chapter 14 Product and Service Liability Chapter 15 Business Torts Chapter 16 Damages

CIVIL CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES ANNOTATED VOL. V (SPECIAL CONTRACTS) by Edgardo L. Paras (;  Now on its 18th edition, this book is continuously updated in view of the fact that law practice is a continuing course whereby one must keep abreast of all leading developments in law and jurisprudence, particularly on matters relating to Agency, Credit Transactions, Damages, Lease, Partnership, and Sales. Table of Contents Title VI - Sales Title VII - Barter or Exchange Title VIII - Lease Title IX - Partnership Title X - Agency Title XI - Loan Title XII - Deposit Title XIII - Aleatory Contracts Title XIV - Compromises and Arbitrations Title XV - Guaranty Title XVI - Pledge, Mortgage and Antichresis Title XVII - Extra-Contractual Obligations Title XVIII - Damages Title XIX - Concurrence and Preference of Credits
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