Bank teller rejects atty's IBP ID, thinks it's bartender's ID

@AttyMaldita, on Twitter, shared a funny story about her cousin's lawyer-friend who tried to identify herself in bank transaction using his Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) identification card (ID). The teller's response surprised her. "May iba pa po kayong valid ID? Di po kasi kami tumatanggap ng ID ng mga BARTENDERS."
The IBP was established as an official organization for the legal profession by Republic Act No. 6397. The law confirmed the constitutional power of the Philippine Supreme Court to adopt rules for the integration of the Philippine Bar. Consequently, Presidential Decree 181 constituted the IBP into a corporate body in 1973. On January 9, 1973, the Supreme Court ordained the integration of the Philippine Bar. The IBP Constitution and By-Laws shortly followed. Then recently retired Supreme Court Associate Justice J.B.L. Reyes was named as the first Chairman of the IBP in 1973. He served in that capacity until 1975, and was the Chairman emeritus for the remainder of his life. Reyes had been a longtime proponent of bar integration in the Philippines. SOURCE: History - Integrated Bar of the Philippines. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

PHOTO SOURCE: Christine Aldeguer; Uploaded on February 2, 2014;;