DIFFERENCE: Legitimate Labor Org, Local Chapter & Nat'l Union/Federation

What is a legitimate labor organization? "Legitimate labor organization" means any labor organization duly registered with the Department of Labor and Employment, and includes any branch or local thereof. Read Art. 219 (h) of the Labor Code.

What is a local chapter? A duly registered federation or national union may directly create a local chapter by issuing a charter certificate indicating the establishment of the local chapter. The chapter shall acquire legal personality only for purposes of filing a petition for certification election from the date it was issued a charter certificate. Read Art. 241 of the Labor Code. What is a national union or federation? A group of legitimate labor unions in a private establishment organized for collective bargaining or for dealing with employers concerning terms and conditions of employment for their member union or for participating in the formulation of social and employment policies, standards and programs, registered with the Bureau of Labor Relations in accordance with Rule III Sec. 2-B of the IRR. [Book V Rule 1 Sec. 1 (kk)] The national union/federation shall not be required to disclose the names of the local chapter’s officers and members. Read Sec. 1, Rule VIII, Book V of the Implementing Rules of the Labor Code.