The first re-print of the book was in February 2013, which included some, needed revisions. Inspired and gladdened by the clamor and enthusiastic support of the thousands of law students, bar examinees, professors, prosecutors, and lawyers, the author has considered preparing a new edition. Everybody must be aware that in the field of law, that is as active as criminal law, it is important to keep abreast with current legal developments that bear upon the individual and society. Indeed events are not only in constant flux, but are interestingly filled with legal possibilities and innovation. Thus, with the current global trending of marriage between the same sex, a query loomed if a woman marries another woman, was a crime committed?
Even the definition of a man and a woman, the meaning of sexual intercourse, the questions of sex re-assignment, have made their way in the hallowed chambers of our Supreme Court, inviting doubtful conclusions and confusing settled doctrines. How they affect the crimes of bigamy, adultery, and concubinage, the issue of death under exceptional circumstances are taken care of, and settled in this new edition.