Perfection of appeal before the NLRC

The CA correctly held in this case that Legend perfected its appeal, albeit, through a new counsel. It has long been settled that the NLRC is not bound by the strict technical rules of procedure of the Rules of Court. The CA had correctly held that as a general rule, our policy towards invocation of the right to appeal has been one of liberality, since it is an essential part of the judicial system. In line with this principle, courts have been advised to proceed with caution so as not to deprive a party of the right to appeal. Every party litigant should be given the amplest opportunity for the proper and just disposition of his/her cause freed from the constraints of technicalities. Thus, the NLRC did not commit grave abuse of discretion when it decided the case on the merits instead of dismissing the appeal on a mere technicality. (G.R. No. 173231; December 28, 2007)