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Duterte admin approves SSS contribution hike to 14%

SC fires Zamboanga clerk of court for missing booklets of official receipts, shortage in JDF

Birth cert 25% more expensive due to TRAIN; dox stamp tax fee doubles

2014 SC decision settles President having NO power to discipline Deputy Ombudsman

SC fires Tuguegarao City judge for willful refusal to pay debt, falsification, dishonesty, grave misconduct, etc.

Is this true? SC approves 7.14% increase in bar exam fees effective 2018

Churchmate, binato sa mata ang 6-anyos na babae; Ano ang kaso?

3 photos showing huge effects of TRAIN (new tax law)

Mocha goes viral again for posting video greeting Filipinos in "two time zones" in the Philippines

REVIEW: The Preamble of the 1987 Constitution

Canadian gov't finds Iglesia ni Cristo having the means, motivation to kill Menorca

Planning to enter law school this year? Here's one useful tip to remember.

Duterte admin to end "Manila imperialism," to transfer capital to Davao City

Canadian gov't decides to protect Lowell Menorca from Iglesia ni Cristo

2004 law actually bans chewing gums

Pulis, dapat umanong gumamit ng smartphone camera kung walang body cam

Atty. Uribe to offer 500-peso bar review lecture on obligations and contracts

One photo shows the irony of Jehovah's Witnesses' religiosity

Duterte admin officially abandons PH claim over Benham Rise; Territorial integrity?

Cagayan State University student unable to pay tuition commits suicide

L: Compilation of All Legal Doctrines in the Philippines

Surface Bargaining: "Nilandi ka niya pero wala siyang balak maging kayo"

PAY-FOR-SLOT DFA SCAM: Slots for passport appointments finally open

Netizen gets angry at Lazada for "MINIATURE" cabinet bookcase she bought without checking product details

4,000 to lose jobs because of Pres. Duterte's decision vs. MIASCOR

Read UST awardee's letter returning 2003 award because of Mocha

SC fines MTC judge P10K for being too liberal in postponements

Matatabang Pulis, Dapat Bang Mag-Diet? Bato: "Huwag, baka mamatay"

Mocha goes viral again after UST award; Cyberbullying?

6 Factors to Determine Whether Information Is Trade Secret

Political chaos repeats itself every 17 years?

Denial, Positive Identification, Ill Motive

Student goes viral after posting a photo of law school "HANDWRITTEN" notes

Riders-in-tandem who killed jail officers turn out to be policemen: PO3 Arnel Rubio and PO1 Jover John Lardizabal

Orders of Sequestration VOID, having no legal effect