SC axes judge for having SEX with court employees

In sum, the Supreme Court concurs with the Investigating Justice in holding that complainants were able to muster the requisite quantum of evidence to prove their charges against Judge Pacuribot. By having sexual intercourse with Ms. Tan and Ms. Villafranca, his subordinates, respondent violated the trust reposed on his high office and completely failed to live up to the noble ideals and strict standards of morality required of members of the Judiciary.

Having tarnished the image of the Judiciary, the Supreme Court holds, without any hesitation, that Judge Pacuribot be meted out the severest form of disciplinary sanction - dismissal from the service for the charges of sexual harassment against him.
The Supreme Court, however, finds the complaints of the Anonymous Letter Writers without merit. Beyond the bare allegations that Judge Pacuribot maintained an illicit relationship with a certain Sheryl Gamulo and fathered two children with her, there is nothing in the records that would indicate that he, indeed, committed the crime charged. The Supreme Court has stressed time and again that allegations must be proven by sufficient evidence. Mere allegation is not evidence and is not equivalent to proof. The letter dated 4 April 2005 from concerned citizens asking for the relief of Judge Pacuribot on the grounds that he has been terrorizing and harassing most of the employees has been rendered moot by the disposition of these cases.

All those who don the judicial robe must always instill in their minds the exhortation that [T]he administration of justice is a mission. Judges, from the lowest to the highest levels are the gems in the vast government bureaucracy, beacon lights looked upon as the embodiments of all that is right, just and proper, the ultimate weapons against injustice and oppression. The Judiciary hemorrhages every time a Judge himself transgresses the very law he is sworn to uphold and defend at all costs. This should not come to pass. (A.M. No. RTJ-06-1982-1983; December 14, 2007)