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Labor Arbiter's Jurisdiction despite Lack of Employment Relationship

SSC's Power to Determine Whether Employment Relationship Exists

Med-Arbiter's Power to Determine Existence of Employer-Employee Relationship

DOLE Secretary & Regional Directors' Power to Determine Existence of Employer-Employee Relationship

What is the reasonable causal connection rule?

What are the effects of renunciation? (Negotiable Instruments Law)

Three Kinds of Retirement Schemes

Employer has NO obligation to set up RETIREMENT scheme for employees

What is regular employment?

Gross violations of the CBA

Purpose of Certification Election

7-day grievance machinery rule

Jurisdiction of Voluntary Arbitrators over Money Claims

Determination of Jurisdiction of Labor Courts

Workers' participation in decision, policy-making processes affecting their rights

Twin Requirements for Valid Dismissal

Clear, Valid & Legal Cause for Termination

Labor Standards vs. Labor Relations

What is a shop steward?

First-and-Second Notice Rule

SERIOUS MISCONDUCT: Teacher sells exam papers, tampered students' grades

Can project employees become regular employees?

Jurisprudence on Charges of Abandonment

Two-Fold Reason for Excluded Materials in Labor Disputes

Can I get separation pay if I resign from work?

Company Practice or Tradition of Grant of Retirement Benefits

Rights of Government Employees to Unionize

Pervasive & Widespread Violence in Strikes

Mere Participation in an Illegal Strike

24-hour rule in notices of strike

Automatic Resumption & Readmission

Broad Powers of SOLE to Resolve Issues in Assumption Cases

Automatic Injunction against Strikes & Lockouts

Doctrine of Non-Exacerbation of Labor Disputes

SOLE's Power Limited by Rule against Arbitrariness

Loss of Employment as Punishment for Violation of Return-to-Work Order

Principle of Shared Jurisdiction in Labor Relations

Strike or lockout in industry indispensable to national interest

Valid strike requires: notice, vote and report

Primary Assumption of Jurisdiction

Payroll Reinstatement as Exception to the General Rule

Labor Secretary's Great Breadth of Discretion

National interest limits exercise of right to engage in concerted activities

The Sensitive Explosive Rule in Labor Relations

Strikes, walkouts & temporary work stoppages in government service

Honest Impression Rule in Strikes & Lockouts

STRIKE as Powerful Weapon of the Working Class

How can gov't employees' unions petition for better work conditions?

Illegal Acts in Strike: Individual, NOT Collective; EXCEPT: Pervasive, widespead

What is "split jurisdiction"?

Remedies vs. Causes of Action

Docket fees NOT required for motion to enter lien into records

Correct and appropriate docket fees

Action filed by stockholders

Docket Fees on Supplemental Complaint

Does this newspaper ad violate the Code of Professional Responsibility? Is selling law book practice of law?