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Investigation NOT Waiver of State's Power of Immunity

Suits against the State; State Immunity from Suit

The Concept of State Immunity; Royal Prerogative of Dishonesty

WATCH: Duterte's budget chief says, "Huwag kasing masyadong iyakin kapag tumataas ang presyo ng bilihin"

In Case of Martial Law: The President, The Congress, The Supreme Court

Sotto: Don't blame TRAIN law; 'wag kasing gastahin [ang pera]

LABOR LAW: Your employer CANNOT force you to do overtime work; 6 exceptions

Duterte signs RA 11032; Gov't officials now have to issue business permits faster

Arson at the National Archives? We may lose ancient maps, land grants proving claims vs. China

Trillanes confronts DOLE Usec. Paras after alleged theft of Duterte-critic Villarin's phone

Search warrants in cybercrimes, traditional crimes; Reynold Villania explains the difference

Difference between Premium Pay and Overtime Pay

Caught on cam! Atty./DOLE Usec Paras steals Duterte-critic Tom Villarin's iPhoneX

Duterte's DOLE Usec Paras ninakaw ang cellphone ni administration-critic Tom Villarin

QUESTION: Mother, father want to abort pregnancy at 5 mons due to baby's rare congenital disease. Advice?

Kiko: "Calida, mag-resign ka dahil sa pananamantala mo ng gov't office para makuha ang P150M contract"

Makabayan, hinamon sina Duterte, Alvarez at Sotto: "Itaas ang sahod sa P750/day, pangontra sa TRAIN"

QUESTION: Lawyer files motion written on half a sheet of paper. Violation of CPR?

Judge punished for 'bad grammar' in writing decisions

"Duterte’s policy: Make China (NOT the Philippines) great again" by John Nery

Duterte keeps Aquino's "walang wang-wang" rule

Binuksan ang cellphone ng drug suspect pero walang search warrant. Puwede ba ito? - Reynold Villania

FAKE NEWS! Not BAR exam, CHED says, LET now toughest PH licensure exam by

QUESTION: X shouts at Mayor Z, "Buwaya!" What crime, if any, was committed?

Gov't reveals TOP 20 companies engaged in LOC; Jollibee tops the list

UN expresses fear of development of KILLER ROBOTS by powerful countries

Can a worker waive his overtime pay?

Who are part-time workers? What is part-time work?

In G.R. No. 167798, SC says compulsory, reasonable ID systems by gov't NOT violative of right to privacy

SC forfeits Marcoses' ill-gotten wealth amounting to $658,175,373.60, etc. (G.R. No. 152154; July 15, 2003)