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Investigation NOT Waiver of State's Power of Immunity

Suits against the State; State Immunity from Suit

The Concept of State Immunity; Royal Prerogative of Dishonesty

In Case of Martial Law: The President, The Congress, The Supreme Court

Employer CANNOT force you to work overtime; exceptions

Villania: Search warrants in cybercrimes

Difference: premium pay & overtime pay

QUESTION: Mother, father want to abort pregnancy at 5 mons due to baby's rare congenital disease. Advice?

Judge punished for 'bad grammar' in writing decisions

Binuksan ang cellphone ng drug suspect pero walang search warrant. Puwede ba ito? - Reynold Villania

QUESTION: X shouts at Mayor Z, "Buwaya!" What crime, if any, was committed?

Gov't reveals TOP 20 companies engaged in LOC; Jollibee tops the list

UN expresses fear of development of KILLER ROBOTS by powerful countries

Can a worker waive his overtime pay?

Who are part-time workers? What is part-time work?

In G.R. No. 167798, SC says compulsory, reasonable ID systems by gov't NOT violative of right to privacy

SC forfeits Marcoses' ill-gotten wealth amounting to $658,175,373.60, etc. (G.R. No. 152154; July 15, 2003)

Law student teaches his classmates for a fee. Practice of law? Should he be disciplined?

Article 809 on substantial compliance

2 kinds of workers paid by results

Court grants parents' ejectment case vs. lazy 30yo son

Husband, wife have a son, 30yo, living with them. They sue him for unlawful detainer. Will it prosper?

Probate of wills executed by foreigners abroad

According to the Labor Code, minimum wage must also be based on NEEDS of workers, their families

Are heirs personally liable to decedent's debts?

Heir's right to specific property in the decedent's estate?

Effect if will provides for indivision of property among heirs; contrary to public policy

Contents of Notice for Taking of Deposition

What is the requirement in taking deposition upon oral examination?

Before whom may depositions be taken? Outside the Philippines

Before whom may depositions be taken? Within the Philippines

Who are non-time workers? How to compute their wages?

What is the dual function of deposition?

What is deposition?

Pre-Trial as a Procedural Device; Purpose; Nature

2 modes of discovery that ALWAYS require leave of court

Should you move for leave of court before using modes of discovery?

Three (3) modes which can be availed of without court intervention

What is the purpose of modes of discovery?

6 modes of discovery under the Rules of Court

Effect of dismissal for failure to prosecute

When is an action dismissed for failure to prosecute?