Immovable or Movable Property?

Article 414. All things which are or may be the object of appropriation are considered either:
(1) Immovable or real property; or
(2) Movable or personal property. (Civil Code of the Philippines)

Things that have already been bought or sold or things which may, under the law, be bought or sold are either immovable or movable property. Immovable property is also called real property. Movable property is also called personal property.

Although the terms “thing” and “property” are used synonymously under property law, especially under the Civil Code, there is, at an academic level, a difference between the two. A thing, for instance, is anything that exists. It may or may not be capable of satisfying human wants (although De Leon and De Leon, Jr. may disagree).
“Thing” is a term that nearly includes all aspects or elements; it is comprehensive. The term covers property. Hence, not all things are property but all kinds of property are things. This is so because property is anything which may be the subject or appropriation, or is already the object or appropriation, or is already found in the possession of man.

There are things which, because of impossibility, cannot, for the time being, be the object of appropriation. These things are things and are not property under the law.