J. Martires says critics "good-for-nothing"; Fr. Rannie: "I picked a quarrel with none"

Justice Samuel Martires wrote the following comment on Facebook, in response to Fr. Ranhilio Callangan Aquino's post regarding the Supreme Court's decision to grant the Solicitor General's quo warranto petition against then-Chief Justice Sereno. Fr. Rannie responded to Justice Martires by saying, "I picked a fight with no one."

"Don’t give up Fr. Rannie. Give the intellectual hypocrites a bash in their [xxx] brains. Actually they are learning from you. They just can’t accept that a priest and a non-lawyer is the one educating them. You’re BRILLIANT. The SBC Graduate School community is proud of you. You may not be a lawyer but you are intellectuallt superior than some self professed experts in law. You can read Castan, Manresa and other spanish legal writers because you speak and understand Spanish. You also speak Latin and other languages. KAYA INGGIT NA INGGIT SILA SAIYO DAHIL HINDI NILA KAYA ANG GINAGAWA MO. PATAYIN NATIN SILA SA INGGIT HANGGANG MAIPAKITA NATIN SA SAMBAYANAN ANG KANILANG KATANGAHAN AT PAGKA BUSABOS NG KANILANG KAISIPAN."