P: Compilation of All Legal Doctrines in the Philippines

Parens patriae
Pari delicto
Part performance
Piercing the veil of corporate entity
Political question
Preclusion of issues
Prejudicial question
Presumed-identity approach
Presumption of regularity in the performance of official duty
Primary jurisdiction
Prior restraint
Prior use
Privileged communication
Privity of contract
Pro reo
Processual presumption
Promissory estoppel
Proper submission Protection against compulsory disclosures
Proximate cause
Public policy
Purposeful hesitation
Pacta sunt servanda
Parol evidence rule
Peremptory norm
Police power
Precautionary principle
Peremptory writ
Preliminary citation
Delegata potestas non potest delegari
Par in parem non habet imperium
Practice of law (legal ethics)
Psychological incapacity
Privileged communication
Patria potestas
Pactum commissorium
Pacto de retro
Plain view (searches and seizures)
Probable cause
Presumption of innocence
Pro hac vice
Pay first before protest (taxation)
Pactum probandum and pactum probans
Persona non grata