PD 442 as Basis of Right to Self-Organization

The Labor Code declares as a basic policy that the State:
[1] shall assure the rights of workers, inter alia, to self-organization and collective bargaining;
[2] shall promote free trade unionism as an instrument for the enhancement of democracy and the promotion of social justice and development; and
[3] shall foster the free and voluntary organization of a strong and united labor movement.
PD 442's Article 3. Declaration of basic policy. The State shall afford protection to labor, promote full employment, ensure equal work opportunities regardless of sex, race or creed and regulate the relations between workers and employers. The State shall assure the rights of workers to self-organization, collective bargaining, security of tenure, and just and humane conditions of work.

PD 442's Article 244. Right of employees in the public service. Employees of government corporations established under the Corporation Code shall have the right to organize and to bargain collectively with their respective employers. All other employees in the civil service shall have the right to form associations for purposes not contrary to law. (As amended by Executive Order No. 111, December 24, 1986)