The Rights and Privileges Househelpers (Mga Kasambahay)

The rights and privileges of the Kasambahay are as follows:

[1] Minimum wage;
[2] Other mandatory benefits, such as the daily and weekly rest periods, service incentive leave, and 13th month pay;
[3] Freedom from employers' interference in the disposal of wages;
[4] Coverage under the SSS, PhilHealth and Pag-IBIG laws;
[5] Standard of treatment;
[6] Board, lodging and medical attendance;
[7] Right to privacy;
[8] Access to outside communication;
[9] Access to education and training;
[10] Right to form, join, or assist labor organization;
[11] Right to be provided a copy of the employment contract;
[12] Right to certificate of employment;
[13] Right to terminate the employment; and
[14 Right to exercise their own religious beliefs and cultural practices.
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