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CIR vs. Fortune Tobacco (G.R. No. 167274)

Drugstores Association of the Philippines vs. National Council on Disability (G.R. No. 194561)

CREBA vs. Romulo (G.R.No.160756 : March 9, 2010)

Quo Warranto (Rule 66)

Possessor in Bad Faith

Uncontrolled Fear: Exempting Circumstance

Children's Safety aboard Motorcycles (R.A. 10666)

Assignment of Internal Revenue Officers Involved in Excise Tax Functions to Establishments Where Articles Subject to Excise Tax are Produced or Kept. - R.A. 8424

Authority of Internal Revenue Officers to Make Arrests and Seizures. - R.A. 8424

Authority of Officers to Administer Oaths and Take Testimony. - R.A. 8424

Authority of Revenue Offices. - R.A. 8424

Agents and Deputies for Collection of National Internal Revenue Taxes - R.A. 8424

Duties of Tax Officers - R.A. 8424

DU30: "I will not apologize to God, NOT in a million years"

Revenue Regional Director. - R.A. 8424

Internal Revenue Districts - R.A. 8424

Tax Commissioner's Duty to Provide, Distribute Forms, Receipts, etc. - R.A. 8424

Tax Commissioner's Power to Delegate. - R.A. 8424

Assessment, Administration and Enforcement Powers of the Tax Commissioner. - R.A. 8424

Power of the Commissioner to Obtain Information, and to Summon, Examine, and Take Testimony of Persons - R.A. 8424

Power of the Commissioner to Interpret Tax Laws and to Decide Tax Cases - R.A. 8424

Chief Officials of the Bureau of Internal Revenue - R.A. 8424

The Philippine Tax Policy

Tax Code and BIR (R.A. 8424)

Villania wants critics of Duterte's anti-tambay initiative to call tambays, NOT police, in case of emergency

Accident as an Exempting Circumstance

Insurance Premiums (R.A. 10607)

Warranties in Insurance (R.A. 10607)

Passion and Obfuscation

Insurance Policy (R.A. 10607)

DU30 admin wants mandatory drug tests in all gov't offices

Representation in Insurance (R.A. 10607)

Concealment in Insurance (R.A. 10607)

Insurable Interest (R.A. 10607)

Section 32. Exceeding registered capacity. - R.A. 4136

Section 31. Imitation and false representations. - R.A. 4136

Section 30. Student-driver's permit. - R.A. 4136

Section 29. Confiscation of driver's licenses. - R.A. 4136

Section 28. Driver's bond. - R.A. 4136

Section 27. Suspension, revocation of driver's license. - R.A. 4136

Section 26. Renewal of license; Lost license. - R.A. 4136

Section 25. Driver's records. - R.A. 4136

Section 24. Use of driver's license and badge. - R.A. 4136

Duterte: So what if I choose NOT to believe in any god?

Section 23. Issuance of driver's license. - R.A. 4136

Section 22. Driver's license, fees, examination. - R.A. 4136

Section 21. Operation of motor vehicles by tourists. - R.A. 4136

Section 20. License for enlisted men operating Government motor vehicles. - R.A. 4136

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