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CIR vs. Fortune Tobacco (G.R. No. 167274)

CASE DIGEST: Drugstores v. NCDA (G.R. No. 194561)

CREBA vs. Romulo (G.R.No.160756 : March 9, 2010)

Quo Warranto (Rule 66)

Possessor in Bad Faith

Uncontrolled Fear: Exempting Circumstance

Children's safety aboard motorcycles (R.A. 10666)

Accident as exempting circumstance

Passion and obfuscation

Terminologies under traffic law

"God is stupid"; Duterte's comment protected by law

What is "short sale" in property law?

Empleyadong may 'attitude problem,' maaaring isisante

CHED: Go to other SUCs if rejected re: free tertiary educ; SUCs have power to tighten admission, select students

Brion: Corruption in the SC, unusual court rulings

Arrested as "tambay"? Here are 9 things to do

Social Justice in Civil Law; Article 24

Villania explains Duterte's initiative not really "anti-tambay"

Damages by Reason of Benefit; Article 23

Unjust Enrichment; Article 22

Damages Not Contrary to Law; Article 21

Damages Contrary to Law; Article 20

Abuse of Rights; Article 19

Supplementary Character of the Civil Code; Article 18

Lex Loci Contractus; Article 17

Enterprise as personal property

The right to seek partition; Adverse possession by co-owner

Possessor in Good Faith

Makati PNP: "Basta sinabi ng Pangulo, batas 'yun"

Lex Situs; Article 16

Villania defends Duterte's "anti-tambay" initiative

Nationality Principle; Article 15

Territoriality Principle; Article 14

Computation of Periods; Article 13

Customs as Questions of Fact; Article 12

Illegal Customs; Article 11

Presumption of Justice; Article 10

Equity Jurisdiction of Courts; Article 9

Stare Decisis; Article 8

Ultra Vires Executive Acts; Article 7(c)

Supremacy of the Constitution; Article 7(b)

Repeal and Violation of Laws; Article 7(a)

Waiver of Rights; Article 6

Validity of Illegal Acts; Article 5

Prospective Application of Laws; Article 4

Ignorance of the Law; Article 3

Effectivity of Laws; Article 2

The Civil Code of the Philippines; Republic Act No. 386

What is "accion publiciana"?