Basis, Purpose of Guardianship

Guardianship a trust relation in which one person acts for another whom the law regards as incapable of managing his own affairs. The person who acts is called the guardian and the incompetent is called the ward.

Basis of Guardianship (Parens Patriae). Where minors are involved, the State acts as parens patriae. It is the duty of protecting the rights of persons or individuals who because of age or incapability are in an unfavorable position vis-à-vis other parties.
Purpose of Guardianship. Safeguard the rights and interests of minors and incompetent persons Courts should be vigilant to see that the rights of such persons are properly protected.

Guardian a person in whom the law has entrusted the custody and control of the person or estate or both of an infant, insane, or other person incapable of managing his own affairs.